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Our gantries (LG) can be used for both balanced cantilever as well as for infill span-by-span erection. Depending on the project dry joint or wet joint erection is required.

1. Featuring segmental bridges with dry or glued joints, using erection methods like infill-spans and balanced cantilever.

2. Special hinged underlane gantries (with up to 12 hinges) have been supplied to accommodate tight horizontal curvature, down to 75m radii.
3. Use of separate centre-beam to accommodate erection of separate parallel double and triple tracks as well as bifurcation spans.
4. Vertical climbing of gantries to accommodate tight vertical curvature and steep longitudinal fall.
5. Partly and fully final post-tensioning carried out while the whole span is still supported by the gantry, without need to use a special plunger arrangement at each end.
6. “Glue-as-you-go”, erecting segments without any or only limited double handling of segments.
7. Balanced cantilever and infill-span erection with same gantry.
8. Cranes capable of walking through hinged transitions (also noses).
9. Gantry can lift and adjust whole span in level and line (vertical and transverse adjustment).
10. Gantry is selflaunching, transports also supports by its own crane.
11. Aux. equipment for erecting pre-cast wings at 2nd stage (if needed).



Supporting Bracket installed on both standard pier and straddle bent (station area)
Hydraulically adjustable hinge (1 of up to 7) to lay out spans/launch at radii down to as little as 75m