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The pre-cast full span method of construction (commonly known as FSM) is one of the fastest techniques used in construction of bridges and viaducts. The FSM involves casting the whole bridge span in the casting yard and transporting the whole span with a specially designed multi-axle Tyre Trolley to the bridge site. At the bridge site, an FSM purpose-built Launcher will be used to lift and place the whole span in the final position.

NRS specialization in this type of construction covers the following:

scope of delivery of FSM equipment covers the design and supply of the complete range of equipment typically needed in such constructions:

  • Highly mechanized FSM Launcher
  • Multi-axle trolley
  • Special formwork with inner mould (hydraulically maneuvered)
  • Lifting cranes for pre-cast yard
  • Llifting cranes and custom designed straddle carriers for pre-cast bridge span in casting yards (capable of maneuvering on site and stock pre-cast spans)

Having successfully completed the 2nd Incheon Bridge in South Korea, the largest in the world for this method of construction at 1,400t span – with our equipment, NRS is undoubtedly one of the most recognized reliable suppliers of the FSM system in the world today.


  • 2nd Incheon Bridge, Korea – FSM Launcher and Tyre Trolley

The pre-cast span for this project was 50m long and weighed 1,400t – the heaviest span in the world erected using the FSM method. The Tyre Trolley, TT-1500 consisting a total of 320 rubber tyres used to transport the bridge span, was also designed and supplied by NRS.

  • Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, China

Delivered Tyre Trolley TT-900 to Bureau No. 19, Ministry of Railways, China for transporting 33m PC bridge spans.