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Precast and Prefabrication Solution for Cantilever Bridge Construction

NRS has developed several types of Segment Lifters (SL) and Derrick Cranes (DC) system tailored for the various erection requirements of precast segmental viaducts.

The technology had been used successfully to complete several large balance cantilever bridge worldwide. The lifter is fitted with electric winches or hydraulic and is launch forward by hydraulic system. The lifter can also be equipped with steel wheels rung on rails or rubber tyre mounted for increased mobility.

FRAME TYPE Segment Lifter

FRAME TYPE Segment Lifter offers the lowest weight compared to other types. They are normally skid mounted frame type. The lifter is designed with winch or hydraulic and it is launch forward by hydraulic rams. The launching system is simple to operate and quick to complete the launching.

WHEEL MOUNTED Segment Lifter

The lifter is able to run on steel wheels/rails or be rubber tyre mounted for easier mobility. The steel wheel system allows the lifter to run along on a temporary rail track fixed on the deck. As each pair of segments are erected then the rail track is extended. The track system allows for collection of segment from one cantilever end or both ends. This flexibility suits sites where access maybe limited such as only be able to collect from one cantilever tip.

The rubber tyred lifter allows further mobility and also reduces the temporary works as rail tracks is not necessary.

In areas where there is only segment delivery access to piers then the segments can be delivered to the segment lifter by crane. The segment lifter can then pick up the segment, transport and place it at the cantilever tips. The lower block on the winch is equipped with a slewing system which allows the segments to be turned 360 degrees.


GIRDER TYPE Segment Lifter

For areas where height access is restricted, often found in an urban environment, the Girder type lifter can be adopted which can operate in a tight headroom. The lifting and  launching system as the same as the Frame Type lifters.

In all types of Segment Lifters, the lifting system has a crossfall and longitudinal adjustment which allows fine positioning of segments to allow easy engagement of shear keys.

Wireless remote control can be supplied  with manual back up system on the lifter.

NRS is an expert in the design and delivery of Gantry Cranes and Lifting Equipment. NRS provides highly reliable equipment for precast solutions.


  • Third Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey – Derrick Crane
    NRS supplied a Heavy Lifting equipment – Derrick Crane (DC) with a lifting capacity of 900tons for the successful completion of the iconic Third Bosphorus Bridge.
    The Third Bosphorus Bridge or Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is a combined rail and road motor vehicle bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. The bridge is the ninth longest bridge in the world with 2,164m in length and a main span of 1,408m. It is the tallest suspension bridge in the world with a tower height of 322m. The bridge is the world’s widest suspension bridges at 58.50m deck width.
  • Having successfully completed the project for this method of construction with our equipment, NRS has proven the most recognized reliable supplier of the Segment Lifters and Derrick Cranes in the world today.