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An advance and fast solution for erection of precast concrete beams

NRS Beal Launcher (BL) is the recognized technology and highly efficient system for construction of bridges with concrete beams girder “I”, “T”, “M”, “U” beams.

There are two types of Beam Launcher supplied by NRS – the single-box type and the twin-truss type.

Our single-box type beam launcher (a trademark of NRS) is generally more efficient, lighter in steel weight and ideal for erecting pre-cast beams on tight horizontal alignments.

For bridges crossing over water or viaducts with high piers and/ or difficult ground conditions, BL is commonly used to lift the precast beams in place.

Advantages of NRS Beam Launcher (BL):

  • Fast and efficient beam erection
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reduced manpower
  • No temporary ground supports required
  • Self Launching
  • Easy to adapt to suit new projects


NRS Beam Trolley (BT)

The Beam Trolleys (BT) are used to deliver the pre cast beams and subsequently picked up by the Beam Launcher for setting into the final position

Beam Trolleys (BT) with wheels running on steel rails and with rubber tyres are commonly used.

Apart from the Beam Launcher and Beam Trolleys, NRS also design and supplies related and various equipment for casting, moving and handling pre cast beams.

This includes:

  • STEEL MOULDS for casting precast beams
  • BEAM MOVER for relocating and moving of pre cast beams from mould to storage yard or delivery area
  • OVERHEAD GANTRY CRANE for handling of precast beams at casting yard.